Meet the Chefs

  • Lindsay Dages
  • Favorite Recipe: Thai Coconut Rice
  • When she isn't cooking or coding, she is:
    Listening to Sci-Fi audio books
  • Haley Mnatzaganian
  • Favorite Recipe: Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili
  • When she isn't cooking or coding, she is:
    Hiking or reading

Look Inside the Kitchen

VegMe is the brain child of Haley and Lindsay's shared passions for plant-based meals and cooking up scrumptious web applications. Haley and Lindsay devoted the summer of 2017 to VegMe's creation while facing the unique challenges that come with working as part of a remote team living in different states. They can't wait to have "CSS and Coffee" days in the office someday.

Haley and Lindsay are committed to the sharing of ideas and knowledge through open source technology. You can learn more about VegMe and its inner workings by checking out our GitHub repository .

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The VegMe logo was a product of the creative expertise of Josh Dages.